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Dilute 1 Drop Per 4 Fl Oz

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Hi guys, another day, and another interesting wellness rich post 🙂 Today we’ll be discussing about how important it is to have adequate water intake daily and how you can make your water healthier by incorporating some of our SAFE TO INGEST essential oils. 

So, let’s dive into the wealth of wellness through water today! 

Dilute 1 Drop Per 4 Fl Oz


  • On an Average a human body needs 2 liters of water 
  • Amount of water intake is directly proportional to the productive brain functioning 
  • Amount of water intake is directly proportional to decreased or increased energy levels 
  • Drinking water before any meal, helps in reducing the number of calories you consume 
  • It may help prevent several health problems caused by dehydration 
  • Not only water, but water-rich foods (watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, cucumber, lettuce, celery etc.), may also help balance water levels in the body 
  • Essential oils in water help give it a flavorful boost while also adding to the health benefits 

With so much potential with just one gift from mother nature, would you still think twice to add enough water in your daily routine?  OF COURSE NOT!!! 

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