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The Dos and Don'ts Of Aromatherapy

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Have you tried any essential oils yet? Today we’ll be talking about its uses in aromatherapy and how essential oils are healing holistically for almost 6000 years. When we talk about aromatherapy the applications can be in the form of inhalation or topical application. 

For inhalation, all you need to do is diffuse a few drops of these concentrated oils in a diffuser of your choice or put some in your steam bath or use diluted in a spray bottle and the molecules will spread in the air making it easier for you to get its benefits. Inhalation helps in several ways as it triggers the olfactory system which is linked to the sense of smell. This smell when enters the body through nasal passages stimulates the brain and impacts the limbic system that controls emotions. 

The Dos and Don'ts Of Aromatherapy

For topical application, you can massage the oils in diluted form to make sure they are absorbed into the skin, which on penetrating boosts blood circulation. To have a long-lasting impact, try massaging the oils onto your palms, wrists, the bottom of your feet, head, and neck as they absorb the oils more effectively. 

When used properly essential oils can offer a great deal when it comes to having a calming effect on mood and cognition, it may help with relieving respiratory infections and act as a decongestant. We have compiled a list of aromatherapy dos and don’ts above. Do have a look at them too and let us know your aromatherapy techniques in the comments section below! 🙂 

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