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'Cause Vaginal Health Matters

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Spritz for Feminine Hygiene as sometimes Vulva needs help too! 😊 

Today we're going to talk about how Essential Oils specifically Lavender EO can help you in keeping up with your feminine hygiene regimen.  

Ever had this weird smell coming from there, along with having an itch? It may be because you're not taking care of your private parts properly. Just like other parts of your body need care, your vulva needs care too.  This smell is probably due to either poor diet, lack of hydration and most importantly due to not taking care of your overall hygiene. Just like oral hygiene, feminine hygiene is also a REAL thing! It helps in keeping your external area clean to avoid odors, infections, bacteria & uncomfortable itches. Even if you are a sports freak or a girl boss, you need to have a vaginal care routine to get rid of any unwanted infection resulting from sweat or wearing a specific type of underwear. 

'Cause Vaginal Health Matters

Because this is a sensitive part of your body, it is important to NOT use commercial products without consulting a physician and not let anything unclean get inside which may multiply the germs and make the situation worse. Try to always keep it clean and dry and if you want to, wash it with something natural. Remember it is a self-cleaning organ and secretes dead skin & impurities from your body naturally, so you don't have to overdo anything. Just make sure, you do it occasionally and you're all set to go! 

Essential Oils work miraculously for feminine hygiene. Lavender Essential Oil is extremely wonderful because of its cleaning, purifying, disinfecting & relaxing qualities. Also, effective in balancing vaginal discharge. So, let's swap commercially available products with Lavender EO spritz. 


  • 5ml Spray Bottle 
  • 7 drops of Lavender EO 
  • Distilled Water 


  • Add Lavender Essential Oil in a spray bottle. 
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with Distilled Water and mix well. 
  • Spray it on your vagina and wash it with clean water twice a week OR whenever you feel there's an itch. 

Other Tips: Keep it clean and dry, don't use harsh products, have a balanced diet, use clean towels, and have protected sex. 

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